Curriculum Vita


Abraham Lincoln High School, Council Bluffs, 1954
B.S., Geology, Iowa State University, Ames, 1962
Ph.D., Geology, Oregon State University, Corvallis, 1967

Professional Experience:
Control Tower Operator: U.S. Navy, 1954-1958
Assistant and Associate Professor of Geology: Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN, 1966-1972
Research Marine Geologist: Deep Sea Drilling Project, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, San Diego, CA, 1972-1975
Research Marine Geologist: U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), Menlo Park, CA, 1975-1995
Associate Regional Geologist: U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park, CA, 1995-1997
Edward Arnold Distinguished Professor: Whitman College, 1998
Adjunct Professor of Geology: Iowa State Univ., 1993-Present; Lewis-Clark State College, Lewiston, 1995-Present
Research Marine Geologist: Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, 2000-Present (Part Time)
Meierjurgen Faculty Fellowship: University of Oregon, 2006

Major USGS Responsibilities and Experience:
Management Responsibilities:
  Project Chief: Bering Sea Environmental Studies, 1975-1979
  Research Group Leader: Alaska and Arctic, 1980-1982
  Project Chief: Aleutian Island Arc, 1985-1989
  Project Chief: Island Arcs and Back-Arc Basins, 1989-1994
  Assistant and Associate Regional Geologist: 1995-1997
Oceanographic Research:
  Chief Scientist on ten geological and geophysical research cruises in the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic Oceans, including Deep Sea drilling vessel, DV GLOMAR CHALLENGER, Leg 62
  Participating marine geologist and geophysicist on eleven other major research cruises, including DV GLOMAR CHALLENGER and DV RESOLUTION
Geologic Field Work:
  Hells Canyon and Blue Mountains Region of Oregon and Idaho, about 4 years total from 1963 to the present
  Pribilof, Aleutian, Marianas, and Tonga Islands, 1977-1994
  Alaska Peninsula, 1991
  Iceland, 1993
  Western Ireland, 2001-Present

Publishing and Editing:
  Author and co-author of more than 170 journal articles and other reports
  Author and co-author of more than 110 abstracts
  The Permian and Triassic Seven Devils Group, Oregon and Idaho, 1977
  Islands and Rapids: A Geologic Story of Hells Canyon, 1998
  Conversations with an Idaho Bartender, 2008 (fictional novel)
  Shadows in the Loess Hills, 2009 (fictional novel)
  The White Wolf and Seven Spirits: A Boy’s Vision Quest, 2009 (novella)
  A Crow In The Seven Devils Mountains, 2011 (novella)
Editor and Co-Editor:
  Eleven books, including four USGS Professional Papers on Oregon and W. Idaho, three volumes on Deep Sea Drilling (Legs 25, 34,and 62), one volume on the Kingdom of Tonga, and three volumes of the Encyclopedia of Marine Sciences (Grolier Inc., Publisher)

Continued Research Interests:
Geology of Hells Canyon
Geology of Marine Habitats
Geology of Island arcs, especially structure and petrology
Geology of accreted terranes of the Pacific Northwest
Tsunami prediction from large earthquakes along the northern rim of the Pacific Ocean

Membership in Professional Societies:
Geological Society of America (Fellow)
American Geophysical Union (Member)

Major Professional and other Honors:
Teacher of the Year, Indiana State University, 1969-1970
United States Representative to the U.N. Oceanology Conference on the Indian Ocean, Madagascar, 1987
Deputy Chairman, Circum-Pacific Energy and Minerals Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1990
Meritorious Service Award, Department of Interior, 1994
Alumni Achievement Award, Iowa State University, 1998
Edward F. Arnold Visiting Professor, Whitman College, 1998
Meierjurgen Faculty Fellowship, University of Oregon, 2006
Abraham Lincoln High School Hall of Fame, 2009

Future Plans:
Geologic mapping of marine habitats in the Pacific Ocean, particularly offshore California and Alaska.
Geologic mapping and other research in Hells Canyon, the Blue Mountains, and the Pacific NW.
Tsunami prediction from earthquakes along the rim of the North Pacific Ocean.