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Seven Devils Books, a boutique publishing company, is the conduit for many of Tracy Vallier's original works of fiction. This small, low-volume enterprise, is committed to personal service when it comes to selling books. If you would like to learn more about our publications, please visit Tracy's Seven Devils Books web site.

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Island and Rapids
Exotic Terrane
Conversations with an Idaho Bartender
Shadows in the Loess Hills
The White Wolf and Seven Spirits
A Crow in the Seven Devils Mountains
Islands & Rapids

This book, the first written on the geology of Hells Canyon, tells the story of the canyon's geologic evolution. The story walks a narrow path by describing complex geologic ideas and theories in a manner that laymen can appreciate and students and professional geologists can use.
Exotic Terrane (VHS format)

This video traces the fascinating history of the mysterious rocks in the Hells Canyon region on the Oregon-Idaho border, and provides an overview of tectonic activity along the Pacific coast. Beautiful scenery, computer modeling, discoveries in the field and narration by John Forsythe combine to create a scientific adventure.
Conversations With An Idaho Bartender

Frank is known to work long hours and keep many secrets. The stories in this book are set in the bar of a western Idaho town where a broad cross section of conservatives, liberals, and moderates live in restless harmony. Several chapters are based on conversations I've overheard.
Shadows In The Loess Hills

The Loess Hills of western Iowa have features that shape the lives of the people who depend on poor soil and unpredictable weather to survive. Boredom with his life and an obsessive infatuation with women sends Damien on a well-traveled road that leads to tragedy.
The White Wolf And Seven Spirits:
A Boy's Vision Quest

A long time ago Nee Wahee journeyed to a mountain range in what is now western Idaho on a quest. A large white wolf accompanied the boy as he talked to seven mountain spirits about destiny, leadership, trust and happiness.
A Crow In The Seven Devils Mountains

Stories and poems in this book move through a wide range of landscapes, including Hells Canyon, Seven Devils Mountains, Iowa, and Ireland. You may relate to many of the main characters in these stories. There are segments, challenges, and issues in these stories and poems for all readers.